Jinglebell Online

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What is Jinglebell Online?
Jinglebell Online is a private Ragnarok Online server based on eAthena.

Jinglebell Online's eAthena version?
Jinglebell Online is hosted based on 3CeAM r493. 3CeAM for Third Class eAthena Modifications. All 3rd jobs are fully functional in Jinglebell Online.

Server rates:
Base & Job Experience @ 30x. Drops slightly elevated.

Server uptime:

Custom scripts:
  1. Fully customised Kafra Express NPC by eAAC scripters featuring extra services such as Bank services, Warp servers, Heal services, Rental services, Broadcast services, Shop services and Dye services.
  2. Third Bank of Prontera for players to store their zeny at an interest rate of 1% every hour or 3600 seconds.
Why choose Jinglebell Online?
Jinglebell Online is hosted for for-fun purposes only, we do not intend to gain profit from it. Friendly players and extra helpful Game Masters XD

How to play Jinglebell Online?
Simple download the files from the download section below to play.

What if I don't have kRO or any version of Ragnarok Online clients?
Fear not :D we've provided the download links below at the download section.

Feel free to leave comments or enquiries as comments or messages in the chatbox on the right :D

Ragnarok 2010-09-09

Ragnarok Renewal 2010-09-09

Jinglebell Renewal 1.2.7z
download on MediaFire
download on FileDEN

Instructions on how to download and how to use the downloaded files:
Copy and paste both RAG_SETUP0909 & RAGRE_SETUP0909's download link to any download manager to begin download. After downloading please install RAG_SETUP0909(roughly 1.4gb) first then RAGRE_SETUP0909 in the same folder. Then download Jinglebell Renewal 1.2(make sure you have 7-zip) then extract them into the same folder. Double click on JinglebellRenewal.exe to start playing!
For example, you installed RAG_SETUP0909 in "C:\Program Files\Gravity\RO" then you have to install the RAGRE_SETUP0909 in "C:\Program Files\Gravity\RO" as well. The last step would be extracting Jinglebell Renewal 1.2 in "C:\Program Files\Gravity\RO".

How to register:
Simply add _M or _F to the back of your username to register as Male or Female respectively. For example: username_M for male account or username_F for female account. For the next login, the _M and _F is not necessary.

Credits to the__android for the kRO download links.
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Comparison between Windows 7 and OS X Lion features

On Monday, December 27, 2010 2 comments

A brief comparison between both OSes:
The picture is pretty much self-explanatory but anyway, Mac has announced OS X Lion with some brand spanking new features such as the 3 above.

The only plus point about Launchpad is that it have multiple pages while Windows only have 1, but while being so, some times it may be a pain to find the application you want if you have too many pages. Contents in folders can and are previewed on both OSes.

Now for the 2nd feature: Full-screen Apps from OS X Lion. It means the application covers whole of the screen, hiding the desktop and dock from view. This feature existed long since Windows XP although not all application supports it, so finally OS X is implementing it.

The 3rd feature: Mission Control. This is definitely better than Windows' Windows Flip but not unlike Windows Flip, how many will actually put Mission Control into use? That, we will have to see.

P.S. Did I mention OS X Lion will only be released on 2011 Q2? Guess these features will have to wait.

More info on Mac OS X Lion: http://www.apple.com/macosx/lion/
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Nendoroid Petit Angel Beats Set 1 & 2

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ANGEL BEATS!!!!!nendoroid petit~
Finally it's mine.
I wanted them for such a long time...(2months?3months?..)
Thanks to Cruxiaer...He gave me two sets Nendo petit as my X'mas present!
Tadaa.....Angel Beats nendo petit and a Deep Striker behind. Hahaha...

Deep Striker was the background for all these photos!
Yusa(left) and Yui~~
Yusa was very shy while Yui was like kind of hyperactive.XD

Here! All the members of Angel Beats nendoroid petit!
So, which of them is the cutest nendo?

Shinna looked jealous behind there..XD
In front Shinna are Otonashi(left) and Tenshi(right)

This photo focused more on Deep Striker.XD

TENSHI!!!I really don't know that she came with a pair of angel's wing!
So kawaii~~~

Leader of the group!Yuri~

For your information,
Set one contains Yuri, Shinna and Yusa.
Set two contains Tenshi, Otonashi and Yui.
^^ Jaa...bye bye..XD
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Sneak peak preview of Nendo Petit Angel Beats Set 1 & 2 and GFF #0013 Deep Striker!

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Character: Snow Miku, Kaito, Miku

One day, Miku saw Snow Miku was walking or...looking at something?XD
Kaito:"Hey, Miku~
Kaito:" See...I just bought an ice cream.XD
Snow Miku: Hmm.....Ice cream?
Snow Miku: .....XD
Snow Miku: It does not look like an ice cream!Hahahha...
Kaito: WHAT!!!(0.0) WHY??????
Snow Miku: Now it becomes nicer in this shape, right?XD
Snow Miku: I know you are happy, because it's so nice.XD
Snow Miku: If you don't mind, i will take it as a X'mas Present! Thank you Kaito.
Kaito: My Ice cream.....(T.T)

Merry Christmas!
I know it's late.XD
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Gundam GFFN #0043 RGZ-95 ReZEL

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Wooooooooooooooooow, I never realised there was a GFF version of ReZEL. Totally mesmerised by its level of details and the clarity of it when I first saw this gorgeous Fix Figuration. So I went around shopping malls to search for it but unfortunately its OUT OF STOCK locally. Last resort, HLJ! I bought a total of 3 units from HLJ. 1 at 6,000 yen and 2 at 4,200 yen each(30% discount). Waited almost 2 weeks for it to arrive from Japan >< a very long wait for a very anticipated model! Hear hear, so enough gibberish, let the photos do the talking!

RGZ-95 ReZEL in full MS glory!

A totally different feel from MSZ-008 Z II's Wave Rider Mode:

Overall, I would rate this GFFN 8.5/10 for the awesome details and good articulation. Knocked off some points for minor detail defects and such ;D Oh and did I say I gave 1 to Jing? :D

Produced by Katoki Hajime. Scale 1/144.

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Gundam GFFMC #1006 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam

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As you may know, Bandai offers Fix Figuration line with variation in its series. The Gundam Fix Figuration(GFF), Gundam Fix Figuration Next Generation(GFFN) and the Gundam Fix Figuration Metal Composite(GFFMC). GFF and GFFN usually comes in 1/144 scale while 1/100 scale for GFFMC line. Unicorn Gundam have became so famous recently it is produced in a number of variations: Robot Damashii, HG, MG, HCM Pro, GFFN, GFFMC.

It was months back since I first laid my eyes on this gorgeous GFFMC, it is a total masterpiece! But at a hefty cost: 18,000 yen(that's around RM680). So after some frivolous serious consideration, Jing and I finally stopped by Graffiti Toys in Berjaya Times Square to take a look. Alas, RM630. I asked the shop owner if the price could be reduced further, after a brief scanning and checking with his computer, he offered RM620. Another moment passed... And I decided to buy it! Now its the gem Unicorn of my collection! The funny thing is when I inspected the GFFMC, the shop keeper positively stared at the Gundam in awe, if not comical XD 'the metallic paint, wow... the meticulous printings', he said. Oh, did I forget to mention that the GFFMC series have most of it joints made of metal die-cast, pure solidity and give me a good sturdy feel holding it in my hands. This RX-0 Unicorn Gundam is just pure awesome, will definitely grab Banshee is there's a release XD

The box!

The manual to transform it into NT-D Destroy Mode:
Base, extra hands and the beam gattling guns :D
Behold, GFFMC RX-0 Unicorn Gundam!
Unicorn Mode:
Took me almost an hour to transform it into NT-D Destroy mode =.=
Rear view :D
Front view :) Look at the shiny and glossy metallic paint and the delicate details of it:
Produced by Katoki Hajime. Scale 1/100.
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Nendoroid Kaito

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As soon as Jing heard there's a rerun of Kaito, she immediately placed an order for it. After some delay and complications, we finally collected it personally at Pandan Indah branch SkyNet :D If I remember correctly, Jing now have Nendoroid Miku Hatsune, Kagimine Len, Kagimine Rin, Luka Megurine and Kaito. A full set of the serieis, I guess?

Jing reluctantly generously lend me her Kaito for a photoshooting session ><

Kaito, peacefully eating his ice cream:
Full Armor Unicorn Gundam came and took away Kaito's ice cream to enjoy it himself:
Kaito raged!
Kaito intends to punch Full Armor Unicorn Gundam but unfortunately Kaito is out of his league :(
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